1. What’s in a Blog Post?

    For newbies starting a blog for marketing purposes - it is a daunting task:

    • What do I write about?
    • I just don’t have time.
    • What is the point to blog writing and other internet marketing?

    Think of blog writing as a way to become an expert in your field. Well, you already are an expert in your field. Writing a blog portrays that to others on the web.

    So think of potential customer’s questions, topics, concerns and other aspects of your business. To you they may be second nature, but to others they are not. If you are into the cleaning business: what is the best way to wash a window? If you own a handyman business: how do I fix a broken closet door? You can also offer quick tips, links to other great articles, ask questions to your audience, etc. An issue might come up in your daily operations that sparks a potential topic.

    To get started, make a list of potential blog posts - start out with as many as you can come up with. Then simply do one a week, or one every other week. It doesn’t have to be daily. Sometimes you can tie your blog and Facebook profile together so your fans when know when you make a blog post too.

    If I write a blog, they will come. Well, not necessarily. But with your social networking - Facebook, blog, etc. - you build a network based on credibility and trust. As time goes on, your followers might need your services or know someone who does. It is about awareness, not making a direct sale.

    So do not get discouraged when you have posted 15 blogs, gotten 200 Facebook fans and not a single sale. This is a continuous effort that will simply be a part of your overall marketing effort.